• ViVOpay 4880 is the latest addition to our contactless family with MagStripe, EMV Contact and Contactless.

VP3300 Mobile Audio Jack MSR, Smart Card, and Contactless Reader

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EMV Payment Reader

ID TECH’s VP3300 packs the latest innovations in secure mobile payment acceptance into an ultra-compact form factor. Measuring just 2.52 inches (64 mm) by 1.93 inches (49 mm) by 0.75 inches (19 mm) for the USB interface version, the VP3300 incorporates triple-track MagStripe, EMV smart card, and EMV contactless secure payment technologies such as MasterCard PayPass, Visa VCPS, Visa QuickChip, M/Chip Fast from MasterCard, American Express ExpressPay, Discover DPAS, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Sony FeliCa M+, and more.

Mobile Form Factor with Multiple Interface Options

VP3300 communicates to the host via the standard USB while also offering audio jack and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interfaces as options to expand its usability. In countertop scenarios, the VP3300 can leverage a USB interface, whereas with mobile devices the optional audio jack turns VP3300 into a smart-phone-friendly payment reader. In addition, the unit can support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, with an outstanding battery life of more than 350 EMV or EMV Contactless transactions per full charge, further enhancing the mobile payment experience wirelessly.

Comprehensive Payment Security Certifications

VP3300 is contact and contactless EMV Level 1 and Level 2 approved, and uses DUKPT key management with TDES/AES encryption algorithms embedded in ID Tech’s proprietary EMV security kernel to ensure all magnetic stripe, smart card, and contactless transactions are securely encrypted before data is transmitted to the host device, regardless of the communication interface.

Developers and integrators will appreciate the VP3300's user friendly (but powerful) ID TECH Universal SDK, with Demo function, fully compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android platforms. The SDK greatly simplifies integration and certification for partners looking to migrate to EMV in a mobile environment.


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