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MiniMag Duo Compact Dual-Headed MagStripe Reader

Product Description:

The unique dual-head design provides the most convenience to the user and ensures the data is captured on every swipe. It reads three tracks of magnetic stripe card data regardless of swiping direction and over a large speed range. The MiniMag™ Duo delivers exceptional performance in a compact 90mm solution.

Available in USB Keyboard and USB-HID interfaces, the MiniMag™ Duo offers one of the smallest form factors for the industry. The MiniMag™ Duo is a strong fit for kiosk applications as well as POS, loyalty, and hospitality applications. The MiniMag™ Duo provides embedded metal threaded inserts in its base to allow the reader to be mounted.

The MiniMag™ Duo is programmable so that the data format and intelligent interface output can be programmed and configured to match application and communication requirements. Data output format can be customized with ID TECH’s Windows-based MagSwipe Configuration Utility. The MiniMag™ Duo ensures over one million card cycles and is one of the industries most reliable card readers.


  • Dual-head design enhances usability and adds flexibility
  • USB-HID or USB Keyboard interface
  • Reads up to three tracks of information bidirectionally
  • Compact size for use in many applications
  • User-friendly configuration software utility
  • Signifies successful reads with a beeper and LED indicator
  • Can be used free-standing or mounted
  • Reliable for a minimum of one million cycles

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