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EasyMag Intelligent MagStripe Reader

Product Description:

The EasyMag Intelligent Reader delivers exceptional performance in an intelligently designed housing. It can read up to 3 tracks of magnetic stripe cards data regardless of swiping direction, increasing usability. The EasyMag’s standard length slot provides the user with maximum stability during the reading process. It is ideal for POS, Security, Loyalty, and other applications.

The uniquely designed flat surface allows for mounting in different orientations by using threaded inserts or VELCRO®. The cable can exit through the side or end of the reader, increasing flexibility in mounting options. Many Interfaces to Meet Your Needs EasyMag has five communication interfaces: keyboard (PS/2) wedge, USB Keyboard, USB-HID, RS232, and USB-CDC serial interfaces. JPOS & OPOS drivers are also available for applications that require the architecture.

The EasyMag is a highly programmable reader. Reader output format can be customized with the user friendly Windows based MagSwipe Configuration Utility. After reading & validating card data, the unit can parse the data, insert control characters, and add prefix/suffix characters while maintaining data integrity through vertical and longitudinal error checking. For interfaces that require it, the reader has language options available to ensure that the correct data is sent to the terminal.


  • Features interfaces including RS232, Keyboard wedge, USB-CDC, USB-KB, USBHID
  • User Friendly Configuration Software which is capable of editing and formatting data such as dividing, rearranging, and editing fields of magnetic card data with just a click of a button
  • Reliable for a minimum of 1,000,000 passes
  • Can be used free standing or mounted through threaded inserts
  • More than a 5 inch reading slot makes it easy to swipe a card for an accurate read
  • Support USB 2.0 full speed

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