• ID TECH released its newest product: The Augusta, an EMV L1-L2 Chip and MagStripe Reader.

Versakey™ Compact POS Keyboard w/ MagStripe Reader (IDKA-33XXXX series)

Product Description:

The Versakey Compact's 14" width is ideal for applications where space is at a premium. It is designed to meet all of the requirements found in retail applications such as hospitality, airline, postal services, loyalty, security, car rental etc. The Versakey Compact contains an integrated MagStripe reader which reads up to three tracks of card data.

The MagStripe reader provides for bi-directional card swiping for ease of operation, form either side of the magnetic head. The Versakey Compact has a USB-KB communication interface.


  • Compact form factor & 103/104 key layout
  • Full-function POS ready keyboard with fully configurable card reader
  • Standard Microsoft keyboard layout with LED indicators
  • Plug-n-play with windows operating systems
  • Windows Vista compatible
  • USB-KB & PS/2 Keyboard interface available
  • 20 million key strokes & 1 million card swipes durability
  • 2 or 3 tracks magnetic stripe reader, full data editing capability
  • Multiple language keyboard layout available with minimum order quantity
  • One-year warranty

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