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SmartPIN™, PIN Entry Device (IDPA-7XXXXX Series)

Product Description:

SmartPIN is a PCI Certified Modular PIN Entry Device. It is designed for outdoor or indoor unattended POS operations where encrypted PIN entry is required. SmartPIN products are used in POS machines for fuel dispensing, kiosks, vending, and other devices accepting credit and debit payments. SmartPIN is available as a PED with 3 programmable application/function keys.

DES and Triple DES are used for encryption and DUKPT is used for key management. The design is robust, withstands abusive use, and is vandal resistant. The keys are waterproof for splashed, spilled and direct liquid spray.

PIN Entry is encrypted and securely transmitted over the RS232 or USB 2.0 communication interface. 16 PIN pad keys are arranged in telephone layout, ADA compliant and have audio output feedback.


  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Certified, Rugged Vandal Resistant
  • Meets ANSI and ISO standards for a PIN Entry Device (PED)
  • Vandal resistant design for outdoor , indoor and unattended applications
  • Supports DES and TDES encryption algorithms for PIN encryption
  • Provides DUKPT Key Management operations
  • 100,000 POH MTBF; PIN Pad life greater than 1,500,000 operations
  • Large, easy to see keys, with positive tactile feel and audio feedback
  • 100,000 POH MTBF; PIN Pad life greater than 1,500,000 operations

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