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SecurePIN™ Handheld PIN Entry Device (IDPA-5XXXXX Series)

Product Description:

The SecurePIN is PCI certified, which guarantees the highest security protection from fraud and attack. It incorporates tamper-detection sensors to oppose any unauthorized intrusion, as well as a fixed firmware command set that prevents any illegal operation. The SecurePIN is designed to satisfy the significant increase of debit, EBT, and any other PIN-required transactions. The 2-by-12 LCD display with backlit option supports multiple languages that would accommodate a variety of global applications. With the ANSI X9.8 recommended key layout, the SecurePIN key pad placement allows the user to speed up the checkout process and minimize errors.

The SecurePIN comes in two different models:

The SecurePIN 100 is the PIN pad device

The SecurePIN 130 has an integrated MagStripe Reader


  • Compact & ergonomic design for space saving & users' convenience
  • PCI certified to provide the highest security for customer's PIN-based transactions
  • USB or RS232 communication interfaces
  • Employs DES and 3DES encryption with DUKPT Key Management for PIN security
  • 2 x 12 alphanumeric LCD display that supports multiple languages
  • Field changeable backlight and beeper setting

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