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SecurePIN™ 130 SL Handheld PIN Entry Device (IDPA-5XXXXX Series)

Product Description:

The SecurePIN 130 SL is a Personal Identification Number (PIN) Entry Device that has all of the features of the regular ID TECH SecurePIN, as well as an additional encrypted keypad. Whether the cardholder data is entered manually or by swiping the card, the SecurePIN 130 SL ensures that all data is protected from the point of collection using DES and TDES encryption algorithms and DUKPT key management. The SecurePIN 130 SL is PCI Certified, ensuring it meets the highest standards for PIN security.

The SecurePIN comes in two different models:

The SecurePIN 100 is the PIN pad device

The SecurePIN 130 has an integrated MagStripe Reader


  • PCI certified, ergonomic hand-held unit
  • Support DES and TDES encryption algorithms
  • DUKPT key management
  • Supports encryption of PIN entry
  • Supports encryption of both swiped and manually keyed-in card data
  • Meets ANSI and ISO recommendations for a PIN Entry Device (PED)
  • Keys are a comfortable size with good tactile feel and audio feedback
  • Three interactive function keys for application-specific functions
  • Provides two lines by 12 character LCD backlit display
  • Application selectable language options for PIN entry prompt
  • MagStripe card reader has a one million card operations life
  • Certified key injection service available

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