• ViVOpay 4880 is the latest addition to our contactless family with MagStripe, EMV Contact and Contactless.

Legacy Products

The second generation VersaScan II is a long range CCD barcode scanner that can read all global 1D barcode symbologies, as well as PDF417.

VersaScan II
Long Range CCD Scanner
(IDBB-42X1LRB Series)

VersaScan Long Range CCD Barcode Scanner reads and decodes all popular barcode symbologies with user programmable data formatting capability.

VersaScan™, Bar Code Scanner (IDBA 4XXXX Series)

Low-Cost CCD Barcode Scanner that reads and decodes all popular barcode Symbologies with user formatting capability for the data output.

Bar Code Scanner
(IDT 44XX Series)

Contactless and MagStripe technology in one card reader. ID TECH's OmniXpress changes the game in user convenience and POS upgrades.


ID TECH's Xpress Reader supports retail applications for quick, convenient purchases where customer queuing must be minimized.

Xpress™ Contactless Reader

The UniMag is an encryption capable MagStripe reader that works with various mobile devices. The UniMag connects to devices through the headphone jack.

UniMag Mobile MagStripe Reader

The iMag is an encryption capable MagStripe reader for iPhone 4. Accept credit card transactions everywhere you go

iMag Mobile MagStripe Reader

The MagChip is a low-power Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) specifically designed for amplifying and decoding bi-phase (F2F) MagStripe read head signals.

MagChip™, MagStripe Decoding ASIC (IDT 141)

The MagChip™ Application-Specific Integrated Chip (ASIC)is for reading and decoding a single track on a magnetic stripe. Integrated with a”read” head for magnetic stripes, the MagChip Read Head Assembly delivers reading and decoding capabilities in the smallest possible package.

MagChip™ Head, MagStripe Read Head w/ Decoding ASICs (IDT1300 Series)

This Hybrid Partial Insert Reader is designed to read on insertion and decode approximately 2.5 inches of magnetically encoded data on one to three tracks, and/or read and write to SmartCards.

Spectrum Partial Insert Hybrid MagStripe & Smart Card Reader (DSA-8XX7 and IDSA-8XX8 Series)

SmartPIN is a PCI certified PIN Entry Device for self-service, unattended applications. Indoor and outdoor versions available.

PIN Entry Device
(IDPA-7XXXXX Series)

ID TECH's uSign 200 signature capture pad features a resistive touch screen and large palm rest which is ideal for retail, hospitality, self-service and point of sale applications.

uSign™ 200
Signature Capture Pad
(IDUA-01x500 series)

The ID TECH SecurePIN has the smallest footprint in the handheld Pin Entry Device (PED) market. Along with the light weight ergonomic design, the customer can comfortably pick up the unit without cashier assistance, giving the customer an extra level of protection to their Personal Identification Number (PIN).

SecurePIN™ Handheld PIN Entry Device (IDPA-5XXXXX Series)

The SecurePIN 130 SL is a Personal Identification Number (PIN) Entry Device that has all of the features of the regular ID TECH SecurePIN, as well as an additional encrypted keypad.

SecurePIN™ 130 SL
PIN Entry Device
w/Encrypted Keyed-In
Data Entry
(IDPA-53X133-SL Series)

Mobile Audio Jack MagStripe
and EMV Smart Card Reader

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UniMag II
Two-Track Secure
Mobile MagStripe Reader

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BTPay 200
Bluetooth Payment Terminal
with MagStripe, Chip and PIN

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