• ViVOpay 4880 is the latest addition to our contactless family with MagStripe, EMV Contact and Contactless.

Insert Readers

The Spectrum Pro is a PCI-PTS certified with SRED function supported MagStripe and EMV smart card hybrid insert reader that is optimal for outdoor, unattended POS operations. The Spectrum Pro can be integrated with ID TECH's PIN pads for an ideal Chip and PIN solution.

Spectrum™ Pro, Smart Card and MagStripe Hybrid Insert Reader

The Spectrum III is a Hybrid MagStripe & Smart card reader. This insert reader is the same rugged & vandal resistant design used throughout the world in self-service, payphone, and banking applications for more than a decade.

Spectrum™ III, Hybrid MagStripe & Smart Card Insert Reader (SPT3-8xx & SPT3-5xx Series)

ID TECH’s SecureMOIR delivers superior reading performance while encrypting sensitive data that helps reduce PCI-DSS scope. The SecureMOIR ensures all data transactions are protected from end to end, reducing fraud and data compromises.

SecureMOIR™, Secure MagStripe Only Insert Reader (SPTE-3xx Series)

The Spectrum Air Dual Headed Magnetic Stripe Insert Reader has been developed for applications requiring (IP65) sealed readers that are designed to withstand the rigors of an outdoor environment.

Spectrum™ Air, Dual Headed Magnetic Stripe Insert Reader

The MiniSmart II is a secure intelligent smart card insert reader that is EMV Level 1 and EMV Level 2 certified.

MiniSmart™ II EMV Insert Reader

This MagStripe only full insert reader has multiple bezels and mounting options. Its rugged & vandal resistant design is used throughout the world in self-service applications.

Spectrum™ III MagStripe Only, Insert Reader (SPT3-3xx Series)

ID TECH’s Gaming Reader is a manually-operated, partial insert reader. The Gaming Reader supports single, dual or triple track magnetic heads for reading magnetic media with short fields of encoded data.

Gaming Reader (IDSB-3XXX-XX-XXXXX-XX Series)

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