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SREDHead™ PCI Ready MagStripe Read Head (IDSH Series)

Product Description:

The first of its kind, ID TECH’s SREDHead has the full security requirements needed to meet PCI level SRED certification. The SREDHead has an extremely small footprint as all the electronics and security features are built into the magnetic head.

This powerful solution is designed to support easy integration into upcoming or even existing designs. Implementation of ID TECH’s SREDHead allows partners to quickly achieve PCI compliance and certification. Being an ideal solution for PCI applications, the SREDHead delivers high quality MagStripe reading of up to 3 tracks of encrypted data. The SREDHead is available in standard wing spring mount but also available in other spring designs which provide flexible mounting options. USB, UART, and SPI are supported interfaces in the SREDHead.

The SREDHead is equipped with both physical and logical security. The device’s logical security is accomplished by TDES and AES encryption with DUKPT key management. Card holder data is secured and sent in encrypted output as soon as it leaves the magnetic head. The device’s tamper monitoring design adds the layer of physical security that separates the SREDHead from any other encrypting head in the market.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bidirectional card reading
  • In-head electronics to prevent tampering
  • Reads up to 3 tracks of card data
  • Supports DES and AES encryption algorithms with DUKPT key management
  • Built-in encryption engine
  • Simple to mount wing spring
  • High immunity to ambient noise
  • Ideal for PCI applications
  • Exceptional reading reliability of real world cards

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